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A plea for life that was ignored by Vertex

This video is a harrowing watch. It tells the story of Belinda, who lost both of her sisters to the disease cystic fibrosis. Tragically, Jen died before lifesaving treatments existed. But Belinda was determined to do everything she could to save Loz from the same fate. 

The agonising reality was that the lifesaving treatment she needed was priced out of reach at over $320,000 per year. Belinda’s family pleaded with Vertex Pharmaceuticals - the company selling the drug at this completely unaffordable price - to save her life. But their voices were ignored. 

As we start a new year, this heartbreaking story is a reminder of why our movement stands against big pharma greed. Why we are determined to fight for access to lifesaving medicines for every patient, in the UK and around the world - so that lives always come before corporate profit.

Nothing can change what happened to Loz and Jen. But there are still thousands of cystic fibrosis patients out there whose lives can be saved if our movement forces Vertex to drop its monopoly prices. 

Children like 4-year-old Ivoo and 3-year-old Milda - whose mums also feature in our new video - urgently need access to treatment. And they need people like us to help amplify their voices.

In 2023, our global campaign helped patients to win access in Brazil - changing the lives of thousands of young people. Across the world, we are supporting CF families to take legal action against Vertex. We will not stop until every patient has the treatment they need.  If you agree that lives are more important than profit, we need you to take action. Please share our new campaign video to ramp up the pressure on Vertex today. 

Thanks so much for your support!


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