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We urgently need your help to ensure that every patient, everywhere can access lifesaving cystic fibrosis treatment. Here’s what you can do right now:

Sign our clinician’s statement

Clinicians, join our call for equitable CF treatment access worldwide. Sign our statement, challenging Vertex's pricing and demanding change. Your signature can make a difference.

Follow us on social media

Join our community on social media to stay informed and engaged. Your follows, likes, and shares amplify our message and fuel the fight for equitable CF treatment. Be part of the change.


Sign our global

Sign our petition and join over 85,000 others in calling on Vertex to end their deadly profiteering and uphold their human rights duties by ensuring global access to lifesaving CF treatment across the world.

Donate to help fund the campaign

A donation will directly fuel our campaign for fair CF treatment access. Each contribution helps us reach more people, advocate for policy change, and secure a better future for CF patients worldwide. Invest in change, donate today.

Join our Webinar for CF patients from South Africa

If you or an under-18 loved one has CF and lives in South Africa, you can join the case. Sign up for the forthcoming webinar on 29th February, at 7pm (SAST) to find out more. 

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