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Over 100 CF clinicians sign letter to Vertex about global access

Today we sent an open letter to Vertex Pharmaceuticals signed by over 100 cystic fibrosis clinicians and health professionals from across the world.

The letter highlights the huge global disparity in access to lifesaving CFTR modulator treatment caused by Vertex's pricing strategy, leading to countless avoidable deaths. The 100+ signatories fully support the aims and efforts of the Right to Breathe campaign and urge Vertex to "urgently take all necessary steps to ensure everyone has access".

This comes less than two months after the Right to Breathe campaign attended the European Cystic Fibrosis Conference and spoke with dozens of clinicians about our growing patient-led campaign for global access. The pressure is growing on Vertex to listen to both patients and health professionals and take action to ensure that every CF patient, everywhere can access the lifesaving treatment they need and deserve!

If you're a CF clinician or health professional who hasn't yet signed our open letter, there's still time to add your name! Just click on the button below 👇


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